Don’t Just Rent Equipment. Maximize Your Value With the Total Wastewater Treatment Solution.

Bigger flow rate. Full automation. No extra skid for chemical dosing required. Explore the proven benefits of Aeromobil, the all-inclusive dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit that delivers nonstop effluent processing up to 4400 gpm or 150K bpd.

Every day, operators trust Aeromobil to replace water treatment plants during maintenance, emergency shutdowns or new process testing at:

  • Upstream facilities (including fracking)
  • Midstream facilities
  • Downstream facilities
  • And other types of industries

Choose the All-Inclusive, Automated DAF Solution.

  • Streamline your wastewater treatment with a fully automated mobile solution — no extra chemical dosing equipment required.
  • Enhance onsite safety via automated safety loops, explosion proof certified components and 24/7 remote access to our robust command center.
  • Utilize our operators and engineers, or let us train your staff.
  • Couple Aeromobil with our automated filtration unit for an effective tertiary treatment or our Geofloc to dewatered the produced sludge

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Where It Works

Aeromobil can deliver a range of flow rates, including rates up to 4400 gpm, based on your operation’s needs. Our mobile physico-chemical treatment solution has been used extensively in a range of challenging industrial environments, including:

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical / chemical plants
  • Food and beverage
  • Tanks and pits
  • Decontamination sites
  • Landfills
  • Areas filled with firefighting water
  • Paper mills

How It Works

Our Aeromobil units can be used for the separation of suspended matter and hydrocarbons by coagulation, flocculation and flotation. They are also employed by biological treatment to separate biological sludge (secondary clarification unit).


Quick, easy setup and enhanced efficiency

  • Simple plug-and-play design for streamlined onsite implementation
  • Turnkey solution includes everything required for effluent processing, including all equipment and engineers with unmatched chemistry expertise
  • Operations can begin within just days of the mobile unit’s arrival

Highly effective with a range of flow rates

  • Large treatment range from 22 gpm to 4400 gpm
  • Non-stop processing
  • High efficiency of treatment

Full automation for total peace of mind

  • Small footprint 4400 gpm = 3 x 40’ containers
  • Real-time remote monitoring
  • Automated safety loops

Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

45 Countries
Worldwide Operations
60 Years
Of Service
1500 SOWs
Completed Per Year

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