Choose the Integrated, Fast Industrial Effluent and Dewatering Solution.

Dewater up to 66,000 pounds of dry matter per hour with Geofloc, the end-to-end dewatering solution that takes you from pumping through disposal. Cost-effective, modular and automated, Geofloc units are equipped with an online flocculation system that can be deployed much more rapidly than conventional methods.

Every day, industrial operators around the globe trust Geofloc to efficiently, cost-effectively dewater their facilities and restore the associated loss of capacity faster. Applicable for waste, sediments and sludges, our integrated online process executes these critical functions:

  • Cleaning storage basins for process water, stormwater, lagoons, ponds, canals and more
  • Pre-treating continuous or discontinuous process effluent during technical shutdowns
  • Coupling dewatering with CTP processes
  • Bypassing existing dewatering units

Go From Pump to Disposal With the Fast, Efficient Dewatering Solution

Achieve rapid, cost-effective dewatering without ever sacrificing the end result.

  • Feed rate in liquid sludges up to 1100 gpm
  • Dry matter treatment capacity up to 66,000 lbs per hour
  • Treatment and storage capacity from 1 to 264 kgal of dewatered sludges per unit
  • Dry matter content in dewatered sludges up to 60%

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How It Works

Geofloc employs a two-phase dewatering operation. The feasibility phase includes pilot tests, onsite pre-industrial tests, disposal channel identification and thorough design execution based on each site’s layout and operational constraints. From there, our experts move to the on-site setup phase, during which we execute the equipment setup, implementation and draining and cleaning of the client’s facility.


Cost Effective

  • Highly competitive cost per ton of dry matter
  • Low mobilization and demobilization costs
  • A 100% online process that requires no basin shutdown
  • Stagger or postpone dewatering disposal and recovery costs

Modular and Mobile for Quick Deployment

  • Mobile unit deployed significantly faster than conventional solutions
  • Modular, compact design allows for streamlined setup and implementation
  • Shorter dewatering execution duration than conventional solutions

Environmentally Friendly

  • Low energy consumption
  • Compliant with environmental and safety regulations, including those involving the storage of chemicals

Monitoring and Automation

  • Real-time monitoring of critical dewatering parameters
  • Human operated or fully automated mobile solution

Standalone or Customized Packaged

  • Combine with other CTP Environnement treatment processes and mobile units for a solution that fits your needs: NeutrolAeromobil

Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

45 Countries
Worldwide Operations
60 Years
Of Service
1500 SOWs
Completed Per Year

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