Restore Heaters and Boilers to Start of Run Condition During Your Planned Shutdown.

Neutrol is the faster, more efficient cleaning solution. With our innovative technology, cleaning occurs offline during your scheduled shutdown, enabling you to reduce costs as you enhance the efficiency of your boilers and heaters.

Every day, operators trust Neutrol to deliver proven economic, environmental and equipment benefits.

  • Enhance heat transfer
  • Restore efficiency
  • Eliminate scaling and fouling
  • Reduce emissions and gas costs
  • Maximize planned shutdown

Maximize Your Planned Shutdown With CTP’s Neutrol Cleaning Solution

  • Restores the thermal capacities of heaters without damaging tubes, tube holders, sensors or refractory materials (corrosion inhibitor)
  • Protects refractory with completely sealed tarp
  • Specifically designed to be used offline during a planned shutdown
  • Eliminates acid residues (vanado-sodic and hydrocarbon compounds), restoring the heaters and boiler’s performance for optimum energy efficiency
  • Effluents can be treated by our mobile treatment units if a site lacks proper facilities

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Where It Works

The Neutrol process can be used on all refinery heaters and industrial boilers, including:

  • Heaters: Convection, radiation and air pre-heaters
  • Boilers: Evaporators, superheaters and economizers

How It Works

Before beginning our offline process, CTP Environment’s experts create a completely sealed tarp to prevent leakage on the refractory fiber. The surface of the tubes is then sprayed with a liquid chemical and water mix, which neutralizes acidic ashes and dissolves hard scale made of vanado-sodic and hydrocarbon deposits. A final rinse ensures the tube surfaces are fully neutralized and restored to design condition.



  • Environmentally-friendly process utilizing biodegradable chemicals
  • Cleaning process lowers equipment emissions and enhances efficiency


  • Highly effective, fast and streamlined application
  • High ROI
  • Reduce gas costs by restoring heaters and boilers to design condition
  • Maximize efficiency by completing cleaning during planned shutdowns

Equipment performance

  • Improve heat transfer to recover equipment design performance
  • Neutralize the entire tube surface and protect metals from corrosion

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