Choose the Online Heater Cleaning Solution that Won’t Stop Production.

Achieve fully online rapid cleaning — and rapid ROI — of  the fireside of the heater. Neutramex restores the thermal capacity of heaters without ever stopping production, delivering proven operational and environmental benefits.

  • Improve heat transfer
  • Improve overall heater efficiency
  • Recover design operating data
  • Eliminate scale and fouling to avoid hot spots
  • Reduce CO2 and NOx emissions
  • Reduce feed gas cost
  • Meet opacity requirements

Improve Heat Transfer Without a Shutdown

  • Discover an innovative online process applied while the heater is running under normal operations
  • Restore the thermal capacities of heaters without damaging tubes, tube holders, sensors or refractory materials
  • Choose a dry, non-hazardous process that uses biodegradable chemicals and leaves no residue
  • Boost environmental compliance by reducing NOx and CO2 emissions

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Where It Works

The Neutramex process can be used on both convection and radiation sections of heaters, such as:

  • Crude distillation units
  • Vacuum distillation units
  • Platformer/ reformer units
  • HDS units


Any boiler operating under a negative draft can also benefit from this treatment.


How It Works

The Neutramex process involves spraying a chemical onto the tubes to neutralize the acidic ashes and break the deposited layer. The combination of chemical and mechanical action removes the deposit from the tubes to recover original design performance.


Improve Performance

  • Enhance heat transfer and avoid hot spots by removing scale and fouling

Enhance Sustainability

  • Reduce CO2 and NOx discharges using a residue-free, non-hazardous process

Achieve Clear ROI

  • Get immediate ROI through our innovative online process, with no shutdown

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