Experience the Efficiency of Automated, Plug-and-Play Filtration.

Think all filtration units are the same? Then you haven’t met CTP’s solution. Packed with automation and compatible with sand, glass and activated carbon, our Filtration Unit brings a new level of flexibility, safety and efficiency to effluent filtration.

Every day, operators choose CTP’s Filtration Unit to perform media filtration for critical applications including:

  • Cleaning storage basins for process water, stormwater, lagoons, canals and more
  • Pre-treating continuous or discontinuous process effluent during technical shutdowns
  • Bypassing the filtration of cooling circuits
  • Finishing treatment before discharge
  • Deploying mobile filtration at construction and public works sites
  • Plus other applications requiring pumping, conditioning and pressure filtration

Choose the Automated, Flexible, Multi-Media Filtration Solution.

  • Streamline your media filtration with a fully automated, plug-and-play unit
  • Utilize a wide range of filter media, including sand, glass type and activated carbon
  • Enhance onsite safety via automated alarms and remote control
  • Choose the operational configuration that meets your needs
  • Bypass or complement existing equipment
  • Rent the filtration vessel alone or with automation

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How It Works

During filtration, our process binds the finest suspended solids down to a diameter of 10 micrometers, which provides a thinner cutoff point than decantation.


A comprehensive, mobile filtration unit

  • Up to six independent treatment lines for multiple operating configurations
  • Reagent injection system for conditioning effluent before filtration
  • Self-contained filter backwash system with modes including volume, time and operator requests
  • Compressed air production system

Highly effective for a range of filter media

  • Different rage of flowrate depending the media
  • Absorbs or captures various compounds, including TSS and biofilm (sand); TSS, COD (suspended) and long-chain organic pollutants (activated carbon); and others
  • Also compatible with ion exchange resin

Full automation for enhanced safety and efficiency

  • End-to-end automation including automated safety alarms
  • Real-time remote monitoring for a reduced onsite footprint

Flexible, plug-and-play solution

  • Multiple preset configurations for streamlined customization and implementation
  • Rent the vessel only or choose our full automation package
  • Use it alone or pair it with our Aeromobil (DAF) or Geofloc® (dewatering) solutions

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